Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garden Update - I can't wait to eat!

Cayenne Harvest

This is our first pepper that's ready to eat. We've got several varieties - this one is a Cayenne.
Just in time for Fajita night! Bill will be the only one trying these peppers.
Here's what the pepper will go on - Pollo Adobado from Dos Hermanos, our local Mexican grocery. YUM!
Careful, Bill!
Is that a little sweat I see beading up on your forehead?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


There pictures were taken a little over 2 months after we started the garden.

Future Mr. Stripey Tomatoes (Hopefully)

Bell Pepper

Golden Julilee Tomatoes

Baby Zucchini

Cheyenne Pepper

Another Bell Pepper

Small Planters

Main Garden


Here are some pictures that were taken on June, 20, 2009 of our first garden. It was a little over a month since the plants were put in the ground.

Main Garden: Zucchini, Red Bell Pepper, Golden Jubilee Tomato, Mr. Stripy Tomato, Yellow Grape Tomato, some other hot Pepper, some other type of Bell Pepper
Small Planter: Basil & Sage

Farthest Planter: Thai Basil & Bell Pepper
Middle Planter: Jalapeno Pepper & Cayenne Pepper
Nearest Planter: Greek Oregano

There is also a small planter not in the picture that has Thyme.

Some more pictures are on the way (assuming my camera still works)